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Support Assembly Bill 40 for California Clean Cars

Imagine if you had the choice to drive any model of vehicle you wanted, without polluting the air and contributing to climate change. 

Clean alternatives to gas cars, predominantly electric vehicles (EVs), are already viable for many people. With EVs, our fuel dollars are spent on local electricity that's clean and getting cleaner, rather than on foreign oil. Improvements in affordability, variety (including SUVs and trucks) and EV charging infrastructure are in the works. To speed up the transition, we need policy ensuring a market for these cleaner cars.

Coltura has called for legislation to phase out gas vehicles in California, and Assembly Member Phil Ting has introduced AB 40, the “AB 40 for 2040” bill, calling for the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to develop a comprehensive strategy to phase out new gasoline car sales by 2040. The next step would be legislation requiring implementation of the strategy.

A California requirement to phase out gas cars could reach far beyond California. Nine other states (Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island and Vermont) follow California’s ZEV mandate. Together they represent nearly 30% of new auto sales in the U.S.

Coltura’s position is that sales of new gas cars can and must end by 2030. However, we support AB40. First, we believe CARB will be able to define a path to a 2030 gasoline vehicle sunset date. Second, even a gasoline phaseout bill with a 2040 date would create the market certainty needed for a smooth, orderly, fair transition to clean cars. California is known for meeting environmental deadlines years ahead of schedule, and we believe we can make that happen with the gas car phaseout.

Coltura is leading and growing a coalition of organizations supporting clean cars legislation. Your support is critical to put us on a speedy path to better health, cleaner air, a stronger economy and a more sustainable existence.


  1. Ask your state legislators to support AB40.

    Here’s a sample telephone script or letter:

    Dear Assembly Member _________,

    This is to urge you to support AB40 for 2040, the bill that requires development of a comprehensive strategy to phase out sales of new gasoline cars in California by 2040. Gasoline is the biggest source of carbon emissions and air pollution in California. Making a complete shift away from gasoline to clean alternatives is critical to avert climate disaster and cut rates of asthma, cancers, dementia and other health impacts of car exhaust.

    If California moves away from gasoline cars, other states representing almost a third of all cars in the US will follow suit. We can’t afford to wait and see if the free market moves us to clean alternatives. Like with seat belts, air bags and catalytic converters, we need government action to ensure the end of gasoline era as soon as possible. Thanks for letting me know if you will support AB40.

  2. Sign the petition calling on state and federal governments to ensure that, by 2030 or sooner, all new passenger vehicle sold are clean vehicles. (We’ll deliver it to your legislators.)

  3. Donate. Your dollars will help Coltura grow the campaign to pass clean cars legislation in California.